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Choua Cha

a full stack developer

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About Me:

After almost a decade of working as a Social Worker, I am finally fulfilling my dreams of becoming a Software Developer. Finding solutions is what I love, and that's exactly why I got into Social Work; I wanted to help individuals find solutions over temporary or permanent hurdles in their lives and get them to the bridge that will provide a resolution. With software development, I have a different platform that will allow me to not only guide them to that bridge but to build the bridge with them.

My Projects:


A simple idea living free in my head for years. This application would connect customers with lawn service providers near their properties.

This project was built using Microsoft's ASP.NET Core Framework, utilizing C# for the back-end, and JavaScript, HTML, CSS for the front-end, and finally Entity Framework as the database. I've also implemented Google's Map API to show locations of customers and SendGrid's email API to confirm appointments.

GitHub Repo: Gawn.

Movie Library

Collaborative project with a fellow classmate utilizing API's and an AJAX/jQuery front end

GitHub Repo: Movie Library

Robots Vs Dinos

Simple console app project utilizing c# as the language with different classes and methods.

GitHub Repo: Robots Vs Dinosaurs


Milwaukee, Wisconsin